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07-05-2010, 04:53 PM
Posted 2010-06-17 02:19:39 by Berin Mackenzie
News URL: http://www.aikidosydneycity.com

Students of Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan (AKI Aikido Kenkyukai International) at the Sydney City Dojo have this week realised a long-held dream of establishing a full-time dedicated dojo space in the inner city area of Sydney, Australia. The new dojo features a sprung floor, 160m2 of permanently laid tatami, lush green plants and loads of natural light. It is ideally located within walking distance of major railway stations and bus routes, as well as a variety of parks, pubs, cafes and restaurants.

Morning and evening Aikido classes have commenced at 6 days per week, with classes and workshops in other complementary practises such as Yoga, Meditation, Shiatsu and Thai Massage to be offered as we settle in to our new home.

The dojo will hold its grand opening and celebration in September this year with very special guest Takeda Shihan when he visits Australia to lead a series of seminars commemorating the 30th anniversary of Aikido Kenkyukai Australia.

Students of any Aikido style are warmly invited to join us for keiko when you next visit Sydney.

Warmest regards and happy training,
Berin and friends

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07-05-2010, 08:10 PM
Congratulations! Looks wonderful.