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04-30-2002, 11:03 AM
4/30/2002 10:59am [from Rev. Kensho Furuya (aclafuruya@earthlink.net)]
Website: http://www.aikidocenterla.com

Annual Nisei Week (http://www.niseiweek.org/) Japanese Festival Aikido & Iaido Exhibition in Little Tokyo (Los Angeles, CA) featuring a demonstration of traditional Hombu Aikido and Muso Shinden Ryu and Toyama Ryu Iaido by members of the Aikido Center of Los Angeles. In conjunction with The Art of the Warrior lecture series on August 8th. Also followed by Dojo Open House. Admission is free, everyone is welcome. The Nisei Week Festival is one of the oldest Japanese events in this country and the Nisei Week Aikido demonstration has been held since the early 1960's. Furuya Sensei took over this event in 1974. Please visit our website (http://www.aikidocenterla.com) for further details.