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06-10-2010, 08:40 PM
Recently whilst hosting a visiting Sensei we took him sightseeing at Dreamworld, a local theme park near Brisbane. It was a fun filled day with lots of excitement, scary rides and was quite the assault to the senses. During the course of the day we got to catch up with the cuddly Kenny Koala, a prominent figure at Dreamworld. Sensei was anxious to find out more about what made Dreamworld so successful and what it might have to offer the Budo community.

We were surprised to learn that Kenny himself is an accomplished martial artist, apparently first getting involved at Dreamworld through stunt work. Kenny explained that it's important to offer a complete entertainment experience, it needs to be exciting and appear dangerous but be completely safe at the same time. Its important that everyone leaves Dreamworld with something to take home so plenty of prizes and novelty foods should be on offer. At Dreamworld they want people to come back so its important to change what was done regularly and move with the changing fashions.

I turned around and Sensei was picking flowers