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Thomas Osborn
06-04-2010, 01:40 PM
6/4/10 F [1S, 12V] B NOTE: To those of you who reminded me that this was something I was doing because it was important to do, to make available to those vets who might find value in it, or at least a break from their regular routine. Janet. Your are absolutely right, I should approach this as an artist approaches their passion; do it because I want to do it, because I have to do it. The “appreciation” or participation of others may ebb and flow but should not stop one from practicing their “art”. It is still frustrating, but I sort of knew this from the start. Thank you all for reminding me. I started this blog to serve as a way to force myself to keep a “diary”. Now I have come to rely on your comments, suggestions and critique and the blog has become a partner in what I am trying and y'all are my shadow uke. And I guess I should ease up on the whining.
As for the class; A good mix of new people and those who have had a few classes. A couple of six weekers who were missing last week, showed up today explaining they had other “stuff” scheduled last week.
We did some basic techniques from gyaku homni [mirror stance] and paired new people with former, which does help with a large group like this. I am placing more emphasis on the basics of relaxing to center, maintaining a relaxed, stabile posture and working on smooth movement through out. I have found it helps to have nage “ignore” uke once nage has drawn uke’s center in, and from that point, focus on utilizing technique to move their own body, maintaining relaxed and centered movement and not focusing on Uke. [The fourth point of the five points of technique I outlined at the very beginning of this blog.]
Also, whenever I can I talk about how the techniques of breathing/relaxing to center, approaching a stressful situation with a positive attitude [welcoming attack], and remaining relaxed and balanced through out, can be effectively utilised through out life.

(Original blog post may be found here (http://ptsd-veterans.blogspot.com/2010/06/6410-f-1s-12v-b-note-to-those-of-you.html).)