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Bruce Baker
04-27-2002, 07:27 PM
After reading the original reply here is what I found.

1) Bugei studies is Martial Art studies

2) Studies must guide the learner to common results.

3) You can't learn martial arts from books or a video. You need a teacher. Books and videos are merely notes.

4) The process of learning is the important thing.

That is about the center of his reply, devoid of basketball comments.

It would seem that the chicken and the egg question come to mind.

Did martial arts come first, or did the teacher?

If your teacher teaches you all he/she has to teach, is there more to learn? Can you progress beyond the teacher if there is no guide to help you across the mountain?

I don't argue with the thesis that you should put in place the easiest way to find answers, which is what we are alluding to when we absolutely can not learn without a teacher to find the process of learning?

Or is it that the first couple of idiots who figure something out did it the hard long way, and when the trail has been blazed, the teacher if then the safe bet for those who follow?


Is this an alluding to taking someones difficult path to make it easier for later students to follow and surpass the teacher?

Martial arts with a teacher, on your own, or trying to use the knowledge of books and videos as new learning or merely notes?

What do you think about training with a teacher, or without a teacher, and adding videos or books to your knowledge?

Bruce Baker
04-28-2002, 05:25 PM
Those who masquerade will be unmasked in time, those who lie do not always do so by generalizations.

To supply all the answers without asking or understanding the question might be that much more confusing than pointing to ways to find the answers with generalizations?

More than half the teachers, and students answer some of the more intellectual questions with "get back to training" or "train, train, train." Indeed, this in itself is a generalization that you will find all you seek in physical exertion, and practicing lessons of Aikido class?

On the other hand, if we are all finding these answers in this form, then why are there so many books, videos, and even seminars by different teachers around the world?

No, there is a lot more than meets the eye.

Question is, are you using all your available senses to learn? Or, are you useing all availble avenues to absorb knowledge?

Maybe we should burn the books and videos like some past people have done to allow this point of view to come under question again?

Bruce Baker
04-28-2002, 05:35 PM
Hey, in case the comment about burning books is considered a serious comment ... just kidding.

Point of the question is teachers write the books, in most cases supervise the videos, and are continually thinking up new ways to teach you what they know ... in effect, this effort addresses the comment about getting a teacher for everything as not altogether valid.

Most of the advanced research by intellectuals is done outside the teacher to student forum?

So ... where does that put the ambiguous insistence of teachers telling students to always have a teacher?

Will we need to get learners permits to find information outside of our directed studies?

Suck up whatever knowledge you can from your teacher, but one day, you will have to learn on your own ... will you be ready when that day comes?