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08-10-2000, 11:12 PM
There have been several threads about the words and deeds of John Lamont in this forum. I will try to limit redundancy, however, some of the items that came up in my meeting with Mr. Lamont do indeed address some of the issues contained in those mentioned below. For review:

Also, to give a base on my perspective and method of analyzing the data provide to me from various sources, I have referenced the following page, which introduces one of the concepts I employ within Sage Systems, called "The Arc" (http://www.sagesystems.org/sage_systems_arc.htm). I believe that the perspective it portrays is consistent with my views in looking back on this event. I also think it will provide some folks here with some insight, not only into looking at this situation, but perhaps in later encounters with like "bad actors".

And finally, and most importantly, anyone can download and review THE ACTUAL CONVERSATION. Mr. Lamont permitted me to record this, as long as "it goes both ways", so I created an audio CD to send to him for his records. While I was producing the CD, I decided to write the audio out in RealMedia format, and post it for public review. You will also find a link to the Raleigh News & Observer Full Text Archive, where you can search and read the entire article series on John Lamont, that details the year+plus court battle, the denials, and eventual confessions made my him.

[As a side note - it was originally my intent to video tape the entire event, but my battery gave out on the DV camcorder - so I went to my audio backup - and handheld cassette recorder. I'm glad I was prepared, as some of the things he said were astonishing - and Mr. Lamont would likely deny they were said without recorded evidence - much like in his past criminal proceedings.]

John Lamont - Registered Sex Offender meets with Houston Haynes (http://www.sagesystems.org/audio/Lamont_registered_sex_offender.htm)

I have to admit I played a bit too nice with Mr. Lamont. It was my goal to get as much information as possible, so I couldn't allow myself to become verbally combative. What surprised me beyond anything he actually said, was the arrogance, lack of contrition, and generally dismissive attitude he had about anything wrong he had done. Not only did he try to minimize his crimes, but even went so far as to say they were "separate things" from his martial arts background. This coming from a man who had overnight training sessions in his dojo where he used a hidden doorway to access the girl's dressing room. He even had a long-time friend with him to interject some lawyerly sounding verbage, and occasionally help John to hold his stories together. I was surprised to say the least.

It must be said that Mr. Lamont emphasized that he RESINGED from the AAA and Ki Society before his conviction [as opposed to what I was told from several other sources in the AAA - that he was stripped of all rank and recognition], and now has NO AFFILIATION with any aikido organization by his own decision. He went on to tell me that all of his credentials to his students come directly from him [as opposed to Aikido Hombu in Japan], and that all of his public statements of recognition are accurate. Consider the images I supplied along with the audio clips, that they represent intentionally vague wording in one case, and direct contradiction to his assertions in another.

Also, Mr. Lamont mentions extensive hands-on experience in law enforcement and special operations, but the only documentation I saw was as a tactical instructor or consultant. This is significantly different that being the day-in-day-out personnel that has to do the job. He specifically said in conversation that he never in the military, yet his web site alludes to extensive law enforcement and military service - read "special operations". These statements are intentionally vague - and in my opinion represent an effort to mislead potential students into thinking Mr. Lamont is more than he is.

To add to the confusion, Mr. Lamont presented a photocopy of a badge/wallet [not the wallet itself - but a photocopy of it - Hmmm...] that listed him as a sworn officer of the Raleigh Police Department, yet the original investigating officer and the department Attorney both stated plainly to me that he was never a sworn officer in any law enforcement agency - EVER - including and especially the RPD. He was an auxiliary member, and tactical instructor, but never held rank in any law inforcement organization - captain or otherwise. Whether Mr. Lamont ever stated that he was a Viet Nam veteran or a specific rank within law enforcement cannot be verified in documentary evidence, and he even went to the trouble to specifically state that he NEVER EVER said he was EVER in the military. So at least those who might have mistakenly thought he was a person with such a history are now "standing corrected", by evidence, and John Lamont's own admission.

While the documentation looked like they were not obviously forged, and in many cases resembled original documents, there is no way to independently verify most of what I saw, as most of the documents he offered were from the early 80's, and would be difficult or impossible to track down every signatory of every document he pushed onto the table. I don't think that point was lost on Mr. Lamont. Also, documents stating his work as a tactics instructor were intermixed with the documents regarding other forms of contract work - i.e. technology jobs. He even showed an officer's pass to a military base - but it was connected to a contract, not active service. Could this be where some students might have mistaken Mr. Lamont as having active military service in his career? We may never know the truth, as Mr. Lamont takes no responsibility for his misled students, and most of them are too ashamed to come forward and tell us the whole story in public.

Everyone has the right to express their opinions. This does not give anyone the right to lie about their credentials or personal history. The use of inaccurate or omitted information that is likely to affect a potential student's choice is considered fraud - and is an actionable offense - according to The US Federal Trade Commission Statutes. Unfortunately, unless a former student comes forth as a "harmed party", this will likely remain uncontested in this case. There were several other individuals that were reported to have been physically harmed by Mr. Lamont, beyond the accusations of the original child accuser. Since none of them were willing to come forward, and the nature of the embarrassment in realizing your teacher is a fraud and a child molestor, it is not surprising that none of his former students will come forward.

After speaking to the parole officer, the prosecuting attorney and investigating officer in John Lamont's case, I feel completely satisfied and confident in the opinions I have presented here and in previous posts.

In concluding my discussion with Mr. Lamont, I said that my response to Don Cunningham was "between Don and myself". Well, I've expressed my gratitude to John directly, but I'd also like to Don for his efforts in bringing the truth to light in this matter. I have not always agreed with Don on everything he's posted in E-budo, but I feel quite fortunate that he has done what he has to protect the public from people like John Lamont, and I count him amongst my friends.

Thank you all for taking time to read all of this. If anyone would like to receive a copy of the conversation between John Lamont and myself, I will be happy to send you a copy of the CD. Just put a check for $20 made to the Durham County Rape Crisis Center and send it to my dojo, along with a return address, and I will mail a disc to you and even pay for the packing and shipping.

Since there is a time limit that the Raleigh News & Observer Full Text Archive can be viewed for free. I would suggest that folks also print out copies of those articles to provide along with the other public documents that are available.

Pass it on...

Houston Haynes
Sage Systems - Tetsutaka Dojo
4125 Chapel Hill Blvd Suite 7B
Durham NC 27707 USA
(919) 401 6931

08-11-2000, 08:55 AM
*sigh* that is sad... Jun, perhaps you'd be willing to take his dojo off of the dojo listing?

Also- Tetsutaka-san, given the evidence against him, how honest did you think he would be?

I hope the AAA and Ki Society both take action, legal and other... maybe they can force him to close his doors...


08-11-2000, 11:09 AM
Nick wrote:
[BAlso- Tetsutaka-san, given the evidence against him, how honest did you think he would be?[/B]

Well that's a good question. While he had two reviews stating that state appointed psychiatrists assert his reformation, his personality revealed otherwise.

I do not want to get into stating what I would expect from someone who was truly reformed - as that would give Mr. Lamont "help" in changing his tactics - and therefore it would be ammunition he could later use to dupe someone who has not red the real history.

Some have scolded me because I've already provided too much analysis - that it may still serve Lamont the next time an innocent comes to him for clarification.

Since he states bogus affiliations on this site and his own site, it is my guess that he uses the good name of those organizations to get someone "in the door", and then proceeds with the "I've been in this art for half of it's existence" speech to explain why all of the ranks come from him instead of Aikido Hombu.

Forewarned is forearmed.

all the best,
Houston Haynes

08-13-2000, 07:31 AM
Originally posted by MarkF
In medical terminology, Lamont is "suffering" bi-polar affective disorder with schizoid tendencies, atypical depression, and a high degree of mania. In short, he is dilusional with grandiose egoism, and is very close to the edge right now. How he acts it out, we have seen. This has nothing to do with a student being loyal to a teacher whom he thinks is no longer guilty of being what he is, but it has much to do with the kind of person Lamont shows the world he is. If he is not on any kind of antipsychotic medication, he will do this again.

Thank you for putting this in terms even a doctor could understand. ;)

Originally posted by MarkF
He cannot help himself. It is not the student's fault, it is the fault of Lamont himself, and to a certain degree, to those who haven't convinced him he has done wrong. Unless he is forcibly treated, you can bet on a recurrance, and it is not so far to believe he has done so all ready.

I am relieved that someone else has spoken out to this extent. What worries me - is that recidivists know that the stakes are raised - that if they are caught again - their prison sentence will be much longer. Sometimes that inspires them - at the time of their offense - to ensure the victim can never speak up at a later date. It is because of that general "progression" that we see in repeat offenders that I am worried. It would be tragic to see the same course of events repest themselves - it would be horrible if Lamont follows the path that statictically is likely...

Originally posted by MarkF
Lamont's histrionics on Houston's interview with him are obvious. He really believes he has done nothing. In fact, I am glad Houston made it out of there in good health.

You would find agreement with my wife, my attorney [who almost disowned me for going in with Lamont with only a tape recorder], the prosecuting attorney in Wake Co. DA's office, the investigating officer, adinfinitum...

I was about to bail out on this meeting - and even wrote an email of explanation to eveyone I told about it - but I wondered to myself - what is the price of remaining silent? Who else is going to take the risk? Given the silence of the legit aikido community in NC, the answer was clear. So - in I went.

Originally posted by MarkF
Lamont is a monument to the genius of people like him. He is intelligent. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if he scored high on a psychometric exam, extremely high. After all, he is covincing many people of his lies, so much so, that he himself believes them.

I agree.

Originally posted by MarkF
Mr. Gillespie should not be "outed," but instead should be considered a vicitm. Monsters as Lamont cannot help themelves.

I agree. I felt like reaching out to Mr Gillespie and telling him that it is not he that I feel is a danger. But then I thought about it. John Lamont is using Mr Gillespie. Lamont has convinced Mr Gillespie that he is not a threat. And in that position, he helps to convince others that Lamont is not a threat. How do you think new students are recruited in their dojo? It gives me chills...

Originally posted by MarkF
Their lies are what keeps them going. His maniacal rantings in the interviews are not unusual, but they are obvious. He has managed to convince people, even those in high places that he has done nothing. This is another symptom. He is clever.

To a fault it seems. I am relieved that his confidence in that cleverness allows him to spout of so. Wthout his own mistaken belief of infallability, he wold have never opened up with the audio tape running.

Originally posted by MarkF
Lamont's rantings should be made available to everyone experienced in treating such people as testimony that bi-polar affective disorder is not just a personal illness. It can have consequences and I do believe we will see it again. Schizoid tendencies are there and are becoming worse. These people cannot be cured but they can be controlled, but someone is going to have to enforce his medication regiment. Otherwise, he will be just another example of this recidisism. He will act again, if he hasn't all ready.

Thank you so much for taking the time to establish the conclusion that I think any right-minded individual would come to in review of the evidence.

I have one question:

If I had made the assertions that I had in my original post - without the audio tape and publicly available newspaper records - where do you think this conversation would be?

Best regards,
Houston Haynes

08-13-2000, 07:37 PM
Tetsutaka wrote:
but I wondered to myself - what is the price of remaining silent? Who else is going to take the risk? Given the silence of the legit aikido community in NC, the answer was clear. So - in I went.

I have one question for anyone involved in aikido in North Carolina, especially teachers - why are you silent? Is not the essence of budo a protection of others?

Pete Nappier
08-27-2000, 08:48 AM
well i am an aikido teacher in nc and i have met and trained with lamont. he is no better than me or anyone else. what i mean is he has paid his debt to society and he did wrong . that was a long time ago. i was teaching at the time and a lot of my students ask questions about the incident. i thought then and still do, that it was a shame that someone as good as he was and in the position he was in, throw it all away over a piece of ass! i have had women try to seduce me in my dojo and at seminars, and i have told them straight up that i could not! i was a teacher and as someone before me said...much is expected of me! it was to my understanding that lamont can no longer teach anyone under the age of 18. he has paid his debt ....let it GO!!!! i am upset that he used the good names of two distinctive organazations to better his teaching career, but it is up to them to bring charges against him,not us to be judge and jury. i also feel that we could better use this forum to discuss more important topics!

pete nappier

Chuck Clark
08-27-2000, 03:55 PM
Pete Nappier wrote:
he has paid his debt ....let it GO!!!! i am upset that he used the good names of two distinctive organazations to better his teaching career, but it is up to them to bring charges against him,not us to be judge and jury. i also feel that we could better use this forum to discuss more important topics!

pete nappier


It had been two weeks without anyone adding to this subject thread...

Why add more to it now if you want the matter dropped?

08-27-2000, 05:01 PM
Pete Nappier wrote:
i thought then and still do, that it was a shame that someone as good as he was and in the position he was in, throw it all away over a piece of ass

I am shocked and disgusted with that comment. Should I state the obvious for everyone here - that a 13 year old girl is not a "piece of ass" ???

You are attampting to de-humanize the victim - trying to do what I call a "table turn" - and that is wrong.

What would Ueshiba sensei say about your treatment of a defenseless human being?

[Edited by Tetsutaka on August 27, 2000 at 06:18pm]

Pete Nappier
08-27-2000, 05:02 PM
good point sensei Clark

i stand corrected domo

Pete Nappier
08-28-2000, 11:27 AM
well let me apoligize to all who i may g=have offended by openning this can of worms again. but since i have and it is tetsutaka san's mission to mount a crusade for victims everywhere, i should aleast explain my statement.

Lamont was found guilty in a court of law by a jury of his peers. the judge sentenced him and he payed his debt. true there is still a victim out there. she was young and defenseless. her parents placed her in the care and guidance of a man they trusted. HE BETRAYED THAT TRUST. not I. i sincerely hope she has gotten counsling and hope she has worked through this experience. but the statement i made was direct to lamont, not her or her family. he looked at her for one thing, period.

i am sorry that tetsutaka's perception of the truth is blinded by his rage and contempt for this man. WHAT WOULD O SENSEI THINK OF THAT TETSUTAKA??

vengence is not the answer that Osensei would have chosen and the distruction of another person's life in this situation is not the answer either. the victim's life has already been destroyed by lamont! i could have thought of a better way to get my message across rather than court reports and criminal files.

some people would find your (tetsutaka-san) "crusade" very heart warming and admiral, but others see it a great show of ego and bullying. oh no i may have offended you again, so i am sorry if you are offended. i didn't say the truth never hurts, often it hurts worst.

pete nappier
doco soco no aho

08-28-2000, 11:48 AM
If the information I've provided adds credence to the folks that keep these sites, then I consider it worth the time and effort:


I'm just sorry that the aikido community has remined silent on these issues. It's YOUR NAME that is ruined by people like John Lamont - yet you still defend him. Attempting to create another "table turn" is not the way to present a strong, well reasoned position.

Good luck to all of you,

Chuck Clark
08-28-2000, 12:07 PM

The problem with what you're saying is that John Lamont is still carrying on with activities which lead people to believe that he is continuing his search for victims.

He's leading people to believe that he was "framed" in relation to his conviction. He leads people to believe many untruths concerning his background and life experiences which give him believability in their eyes and lead them to trust him.

This is extremely dangerous. We have a responsibility to make this information public.

Pete Nappier
08-28-2000, 01:57 PM
thank you again clark sensei. i now have a much clearer perspective and i know lamont. he tried to decieve my instructor and myself nearly 20 years ago. again thank you for your insight

pete nappier

Pete Nappier
08-28-2000, 01:58 PM
i also think he is a slim ball that is a disgrace to aikido!!!!!

pete nappier