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05-05-2010, 05:34 PM
Posted 2010-05-05 16:31:45 by Jun Akiyama
News URL: http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/localnews/ci_14973423

This article entitled "Aikido teacher offers business leaders time on the mat" (http://www.santacruzsentinel.com/localnews/ci_14973423) highlights Glen Kimoto sensei of Aikido of Santa Cruz who is teaching "business leaders new ways of navigating daily confrontations."

From the article: "The session will feature solo and interactive exercises demonstrating aikido
principles. People will move through gentle warm-up exercises and have an opportunity to try balance and movement elements of aikido. Kimoto will also demonstrate advanced aikido techniques. There will be snacks and time for questions at the end. Attendees will also practice being proactive rather than reactive. They will see how to deal with a situation before it happens."

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