View Full Version : Seeking Aiki club in Japan for penpals

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Shannon Frye
04-20-2010, 12:19 AM
Hey all,
I'm in need of a dojo in Japan with students that would be interested in being pen pals with American students. I have a group of children (ages 5-15) that would love to exchange letters with their counterparts in Japan. 11 students so far (mostly girls). May have up to 6 more added soon.
(Just to note: none of my students speak Japanese, except for aiki terms and some basic greetings.)

If interested, please either PM or email me.

Thanks in advance..

Shannon Frye

earnest aikidoka
04-21-2010, 05:02 AM
u accept singaporean penpal? guy, 17 yrs old, interesyed in aikido amongst other things

Shannon Frye
04-21-2010, 01:13 PM
I'll check with our students.