View Full Version : Lawman sued for sexual assualt

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04-12-2010, 07:15 PM
One of my students sent this to me. Unfortuate either way.


04-13-2010, 06:23 AM
If Mr Seagal is indeed found to be guilty of the allegations made against him by this lady I think Seagal's alleged conduct here would be totally unacceptable.
If true here we would have is a man who professes to be some kind of spiritually aware being and a person concerned about the environment etc [ this is the image he projects on screen /interviews etc.]allegedly acting in a despicable manner abusing a member of his staff.
Only time will tell if the allegations are true or false.If true Seagal should be considered a pariah rather than looked upon by some as some kind of new age , martial arts guru.
If nothing else he should be prosecuted for making rubbish movies!

04-13-2010, 07:21 AM
I saw some sort of expose years ago stating that several production companies had to settle complaints -out of court- for his repeated sexual harassment of female actors both on and off the set. Apparently it was interfering with a current production's efforts in trying to hire the woman they wanted to play a role. Apparently word had gotten out.
This may not be anything new - just habitual behavior.

04-13-2010, 09:05 AM
The other side of the story:

UPDATE: Seagal's lawyer, Marty Singer, responded to the lawsuit this way: "The lawsuit filed by Kayden Nguyen against Steven Seagal is a ridiculous and absurd claim by a disgruntled ex-employee who was fired for using illegal narcotics." Singer says the suit is a "complete fabrication without a scintilla of truth" and he's confident it will be dismissed.

Fred Little
04-13-2010, 10:57 AM
I smell an out-of-court settlement on the horizon.


David Maidment
04-13-2010, 11:38 AM
Although we don't know anything for certain, what I've read of that complaint seems to include an awful lot of the 'victim' doing incredibly stupid things (such as exposing herself and taking drugs) "as she believed it to be the only way she could escape". And then failing to actually 'escape'. That keeps cropping up.

I love to play Devil's Advocate, but I don't find myself having to try very hard to do so in this case :\

Not saying that Seagal isn't necessarily a slimy kind of guy who may indeed require such a calibre of person on his personal staff, but the document didn't read very convincingly.