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02-01-2010, 03:13 PM
Since Daito Ryu is one of the most important roots of modern Aikido and especially Aikidoka should be interested, I take the liberty to post this announcement here. When this is not in accordance whit the forum rules, please accept my deepest apology's and feel free to move my post to another part of this forum.

This year there will be two Daito Ryu Aikijujutsu seminars in Europe conducted by hombucho Kondo Katsuyuki.

The first seminar will be held on April the 24th and 25th in the Netherlands, Wijk bij Duurstede (Near Utrecht, app. 30 minutes from Amsterdam).
Schedule and prices are not available yet.
There will be limited possibility's to sleep in the dojo of the seminar host, Kondo sensei's representative for Europe, Robert Breedveld sensei.
For subscription or more information: info@sportschoolbreedveld.nl
Website: http://www.sportschool-breedveld.nl/index.php/verdedigingssport/Daito-ryu.html

The second seminar will be held on May the 1st and the 2nd in Italy, Modena (app. two hours from Milan and 30 minutes from Bologna)
Also for this seminar there will be limited possibility's to sleep in the dojo of one of the seminar hosts.
For more information or subscription look at http://www.shodan.it/stage.asp?IdS=29 or email: info@shodan.it

When you want to be sure that you can attend the seminars, please subscribe in advance.

Hope to see you in the Netherlands or Italy (or at both seminars!)