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01-29-2010, 05:17 AM

I'm Dirk, 26 years at the moment of typing.
I'm from Belgium and live near Brussels.

I've done Aikido between 6-11 years old. But that's a long time ago now and it was a kids training, not at a decent level.

Now I just started again as from januari 2010 in a club in Aalst with 2 good sensei (2nd and 4th Dan).
I started with a new white belt from the beginning, to learn everything new and good from scratch. In fact, I rebooted my old belt.

My motivation: because I haven't done sports for the last 10 years and my body really had the need for physical activity to work on my condition.
And of course my interest and love for Japanese culture and Martial Arts in general were leading me back to AikidO. Also the fact that I already did it before.

I like the spirituality of Ki and try working on with the 'center'. I haven't learned yet how to use my center and hope I get this technique very soon.

The good point is that it's not really a combat, no fighting, no competition.
But negative point in Aikido is actually that they don't train on attacks very well. I guess everyone ever wants to fly in the air with a spin-around-kick like Bruce Lee did ;)
Those things you can learn in Taekwondo or maybe Hapkido (that last one looks close to Aikido), but those are Korean Martials Arts :-/
My interests for Japan are bigger, and one time I want to travel through Japan and learn the language (if I have lots of time).

My other hobbies are: photography, webdesign, playing guitar,...

See you soon on the rest of the forum!

01-30-2010, 07:31 AM
Hi Dirk,

welcome to the web, i see that were at same age.

Best wishes,