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04-15-2002, 08:45 PM
Two new Aikido books are now available on Amazon

The first was written by the two Shihans of the Japan Aikido Association and is a comprehensive text.

Aikido: Tradition and the Competitive Edge
by Fumiaki Shishida & Tetsuro Nariyama
ISBN 0-9647083-2-9

Tetsuro Nariyama was chosen to head the Shodokan Honbu by Kenji Tomiki and is the World Technical Director of the JAA. Shishida is a professor of Budo history at the prestigeous Waseda University where Kenji Tomiki also taught.

I was told by one Aikikai Shihan over beer that he uses the Japanese version for his high school students. I was heavily involved in the first draft of the translation, one of several teams, and am very glad to see it come out in English.

Understanding Shodokan Aikido
by Sean Masaki Flynn
ISBN 0-9647083-1-0

Sean is a friend of mine and has produced a guide for beginning level students in the Shodokan system. It compliments the above book very nicely.

I would appreciate it Jun if you could add them to your book list.

04-15-2002, 08:58 PM
Hi Peter,
Originally posted by PeterR
I would appreciate it Jun if you could add them to your book list.
Actually, I already had the first book in the database! I went and added the second book, though.

In the future, people can easily (I hope!) add books to the AikiWeb Books database:


If anyone sees any aikido books that aren't in the database already, please feel free to give me a hand and use the above form to let me know about them!

-- Jun