View Full Version : February 6 - AAWC/AAUSA Intensive Practice w/ Francis Takahashi, 7th dan

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Sy Labthavikul
01-09-2010, 06:58 PM
Aikido Associates West Coast will be having its Winter Intensive Practice on Saturday, February 6 (the February 5 date in the Aikiweb Seminar Database is incorrect), at the Aikido Academy USA in Alhambra, CA (http://www.aikidoacademyusa.com).

All are invited to attend.

The Intensive Practice is meant to provide a hard but joyful training experience for aikidoka of all ranks and affiliations.

For aikidoka unfamiliar with Francis Takahashi and his instructors, it will provide an intense, condensed sampling of the various types of training available to AAWC members, from empty handed aikido technique, to weapons work, to ground based grappling utilizing aikido principles.

Details are available here:


Thank you on behalf of the AAWC and AAUSA!

01-10-2010, 06:38 AM
I have trained and conversed with Takahashi Sensei many times over the years. He is always a source of instruction, insight, inspiration, and entertainment.
If at all possible, do not miss this opportunity or this man.
If I were still in So Cal, I would be there.
Highly recommend.
Rei, Domo.
Until again,