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04-14-2002, 01:53 PM
Hello everyone...

I thought it would be a good time to introduce myself - Jorgen Matsi now that the last introductions have been from such experienced budo/philosophy whales as Mr. Baker and Mr. Gordon. I'm very new to this forum yet quite active and I've found it quite educating, interesting and challenging.

Okay but now me - I'm quite much a regular 19 year old desperately trying to graduate from highschool. Probably succeeding this year as well. I'm quite much of an egoist in everyday life... not very :ai: :ki: ;) I'm good at talking and making speeches and looking smart when not actually not knowing much...
I live in Estonia... a small post-soviet country South of Finland and West of Russia. (No we don't speak Russian or any language similar to it, yes we have civilisation here and even McDonalds and TV and computers and cellphones - percentagelly more than in US btw):D
In the city of Pärnu which is in the south part and which has about 50 000 inhabitants being the 4th largest city here.

My "martial career" is nearly 3 years of Aikido and 3rd kyu exam coming in the end of May. I was hooked to Aikido from the very moment when I was 6 and I saw on TV the documentary about Morihei Ueshiba where he throws around the judokas... I forgot the fascinating picture but when I discovered that there was Aikido in my town it all came back to me... Right now I feel like doing the Art for probably the rest of my life but I want to start crosstraining after I've learned the very basics=gained shodan.
I have benefitted from Aikido and it's ideas in everyday life... (cutting down my egoism, noticing little things, using my body more efficiently, resolving and avoiding psychological conflicts) definitely but I think it would improve my hand-to-hand combat:grr: to which I unfortunately feel the need.

I'm considering myself yet as a beginner in the studies of Aikido (I wonder if anyone considers themselves above the beginner level:p ),a REAL beginner but I sometimes substitute my sensei for beginner-beginner classes when needed and I might start teaching when I go to university in 2 years. (Teaching is one of the most effective ways of learning.) In Estonia the Art is not very widespread yet...

My sensei is shodan Sergei Vološko... quite a remarkable man in late 30s. Somehow expert in Sambo before getting to Aikido. His Aikido has changed remarkably softer in those 3 years I've been with him but one of his teachings is still that "When you are able to do it hard you are able to do it softly" not vice versa. So our Aikido is more harsh than usually found in the Nordic countries. Yet I've seen much more harder styles:) Big emphasis is put on the thinking and principles behind techniques. Unfortunately I've seen that in some dojos it sometimes not not done this way.

Back to myself - besides Aikido I have another great passion which is (listening and making) music. I play guitar in a amateur indie/hard rock-group. Found the concept of blending very useful when jumping around with the guitar onstage.:eek: Other than that and all above I'm quite a regular 19-year old who likes to think philosophical thoughts sometimes, hang with friends, drink a bit sometimes, party a bit sometimes, study a bit sometimes etc etc etc.

See you around virtually (in those flaming and as well in those educating threads) and definitely email me when coming to Estonia and wanting to train (or some other important reason :p )

Jorgen Matsi
Estonian Aikikai
Riveta Sportsclub

P.S. Picture included;)
P.P.S. I definitely forgot something when babbling... correct me and ask me if I did.

04-14-2002, 04:21 PM
Hi Jorgen,

Thanks for giving us your introduction! I hope you'll continue to post and contribute your thoughts here on these Forums.

-- Jun

04-14-2002, 07:08 PM
Hi Jorgen,

Almost made it to Estonia last year as part of my family pilgrimage to the old country (mother was born there). Welcome to the forums.