View Full Version : What to look for when choosing a martial arts school?

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01-02-2010, 06:16 PM
For an intermediate level MA student what factors should come into play before choosing the right MA school?

1.The attitude of both the instructor and the students
3.Styles of martial art
4.Class size and schedules
5.Quality of instruction
6.Class age groups
7.Ranking of the school
8.Size of school
9.Price of instruction

are some of the very basic factors that anybody would consider before enrolling in a school. Should we also take into consideration the skills and techniques that are offered by the school like:

1.Training on various terrain
2.Development in strikes and kicks
3.Breathing and flexibility training
4.Training with the sword, stick, knife, staff and more
5.Body control: gymnastics, stealthing/invisibility/camoflauge and combat movement
6.7 self-defense strategy
7.Mental preparation and training for control
8.Stunt fighting and fight choreography
9.Tactical skills and Firearms training

It sure sounds like a lot of work but it is definitely worth doing a bit of research before investing money into any program.

Janet Rosen
01-02-2010, 07:09 PM
Please look at the "articles" section of aikiweb for some very helpful articles on this topic.