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11-12-2009, 06:25 PM
--- Posted by request ---

An invitation for all Yoshinkan Aikido dojos and students

First of all I would like to thank you all for your continued support and commitment to Yoshinkan Aikido and helping to share this art with others around the world.

It has been 16 years since the passing of Gozo Shioda, in Japan 2010 is a special commemorative year and we will hold a Yoshinkan Aikido world event in his memory. Gozo Shioda's message was one of peace, and in keeping with that spirit we would like this event to unite us and strengthen the bonds that we share as fellow Yoshinkan aikido teachers and students around the world. I would like to invite you to Japan for the Gozo Shioda memorial festival 2010 (late October, details to follow)
The festival will include -
3 days in Kyoto, training, site seeing and exploring the culture and beauty of this historic city.
3 days in Tokyo, training in clinics by top Yoshinkan Aikido instructors who trained directly under Gozo Shioda, demonstrations and a special memorial ceremony.

Please don't miss this chance to see and discover Japan, make new friends from around the world and train with some of the greatest sensei alive today. Please tell your students and start planning for this unique opportunity. We will keep you posted as plans and dates become finalized.


Starting next year there are some big changes in store for the senshusei course, beginning with the return of Jaques Payet sensei. Payet sensei urged Kancho Gozo Shioda to start a program at honbu nearly 20 years ago for foreign students and Japanese non police, and then developed the course at Kancho's request. Payet sensei will direct next year's course and be actively involved with teaching, along with other high level sensei who will bring an experienced and diverse level of Aikido to the senshusei program. This again is a fantastic opportunity for those with the wish to commit their time and train Aikido at a high level.

We thank you all for your commitment and ask for your continued support as we move forward together in the growth and development of Yoshinkan Aikido world wide.

Shioda Kancho

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