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Brad Williamson
04-07-2002, 04:48 PM
Hi Everybody!
This message really is only for people in the Rocky Mountain region. I train Aikido in Laramie under Eric Heimann Sensei and I recently became interested in Okazaki Restorative Massage as a supplement to my Aikido training. ORM was developed by the founder of Danzan-Ryu Jujitsu, and uses techniques from that art to heal and relax. All of the certified teachers of this art are in California, but I have been told that if I can find 20 people to sign up, Cynthia Frueh Sensei might agree to travel to Colorado(probably Denver) to teach a program. Frueh Sensei is one of the top teachers of ORM, so I really hope we can get her here! The program is one weekend a month for 7-8 months. The total cost of the program is $850, plus the cost of two textbooks. I know this sounds like alot, but on completion of the program, you will be licensed to perform ORM as a massage technician. Also, it could possibly count toward your rank advancement(depending on your Sensei). If anybody is interested, please contact me at jwill@uwyo.edu. Thanks in advance.

Bruce Baker
04-23-2002, 06:53 AM
Would that be ...

Henry S. Okazaki of whom Wally Jay jujitsu is associated with?

I have heard stories of Okazaki's illness and the restorative massage that brought him back, but continueing strokes followed.

I am currently consulting with numerous sources in the Kyusho, Ryukyu forums that have given me two massage techniques that really make a difference.

Meridians, pressure points, and the keeping the channels open ... they seem to be the other side of the health coin to preventive body maintenence, but they are the added to the medical science of the West. Your studies are indeed enviable! I wish I was younger with that kind of health and time again!

Enjoy your studies, and remember to look for their meaning in some of the Aikido techniques when you practice.

You will see some eye opening things as you watch practice with the new knowledge you gain.

Brad Williamson
04-29-2002, 07:40 PM
Yes Indeed!

This is the very same Professor Henry Okazaki(for some reason jujitsu shihan are called professors). Since jujitsu and aikido are more or less related arts, I am hoping that doing ORM will have a direct relationship to my aikido. As I understand it, Tohei Sensei had invented a massage system based on aikido that he called Kiatsu, but it doesn't seem to be widely taught. I have been told the intent behind ORM is a sort of "beat them up and then make them feel better" approach. At the very least, massage techniques can be a great way to learn to connect to a partner.

05-03-2002, 09:26 AM
Originally posted by Brad Williamson
(snippage) ... Professor Henry Okazaki ... hoping ORM will have a direct relationship to my aikido ... massage system based on aikido that he called Kiatsu, but it doesn't seem to be widely taught ...

Hi, Brad!

Delurking a moment with a few comments. ORM is a real interesting thing. We brought Tom Lang (co-author with Don Zier of the book 'JO, the Japanese Short Staff' and a few others) to our dojo a while back for a visit. Tom's a great fellow, a yondan in Danzan Ryu, holds a few other ranks in various martial arts as well.

He taught us the basic ORM series and we use it frequently. It's simple, straightforward and effective. My wife is a certified massage therapist with training at Lauterstein-Conway as well as th elocal university. She has integrated some of the ORM technique into her sports massage regimen and her clients love it.

When we trade bodywork, I use primarily ORM technique alongside some of the sports massage and Swedish stuff she's taught me.

Tom's been back to our place a few times since then and we've continued to pick his brain for info on his jujutsu and his massage technique. Personally, having had free instruction in ORM, I think the price quoted above for those classes is a bit steep, but on the other hand, I think good, professional instruction in something like that is well worth what you put into it. I'll be interested in seeing your review of the training and how it affects your aikido.

As for the kiatsu, yes, it's another form of massage and healing developed by Tohei and others, and is readily taught within the Ki Society itself. It is structured somewhat apart from their aikido instruction and has it's own ranking and teaching certificates, if I recall correctly.

Having experienced both (ORM with Tom and Kiatsu from the late George Simcox and some of his students), I prefer ORM for basic, overall massage, but found Kiatsu quite interesting and helpful with specific complaints.

Good luck and please do post your review!


01-11-2005, 01:28 PM

As an ORM grad with training in Swedish, Sports, Trigger points and all the price you were quoted is very good for massage certification. You can apply for a local license and hang a shingle or just amuse your friends with great rubdowns. Or you can always go with a less expensive option. Find a grad and pick his brain. You will pick up some good stuff but will lack the expertise that dedicated will bring.

2-cents spent