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11-09-2009, 07:05 PM
If you use Yahoo you may have noticed a news line about muscle strength and Alzheimer's. Since there is lots of discussion on fascia and muscle here, I thought this would be of interest to some. Here is a excerpt of the piece I thought was interesting for discussion or further research, if people are inclined to do so.

"The relationship between muscle strength and mild mental difficulties, which occurred in an additional 275 people, was similar, with the strongest 10 percent being at 48 percent lower risk than the weakest 10 percent.

When the researchers looked at different types of muscle strength separately, they found that grip strength and breathing-muscle strength had an independent effect on Alzheimer's risk, but arm and leg strength didn't.

The most likely explanation for the mental function-muscle strength link is that there is something going in the body that causes both muscle weakness and loss of mental ability, Boyle said.

While the study couldn't show whether keeping one's muscles strong will keep Alzheimer's at bay, staying fit is a good idea-and good for the brain-no matter what, according to Boyle.

"We certainly think that it is important to be physically active and to work to keep our muscles strong," she said. "Good physical health is important for good brain function."

Source: Archives of Neurology