View Full Version : Bujin Traveling Samurai Bag or the Dogi Pack/Aikido Weapons Case A?

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11-08-2009, 11:23 AM
It's time for me to upgrade as my Bokken/Jo case bottom fell apart and my Jansport backpack zipper broke. I am debating on the Bujin Traveling Samurai Bag or the Dogi Pack/Aikido Weapons Case A combo. Is there anyone on the board who owned and using these bags/cases can give me some infos please?


Larry Feldman
11-08-2009, 11:52 AM
I haved owned a Bu Jim weapons bag for probably 18-20 years. Looks like it will last another 20.

Linda Eskin
11-08-2009, 11:54 AM
I have the Dogi Backpack, and (separately) a Bu Jin weapons bag. Both are very well made and well designed.

I didn't consider the combo, because at the time I ordered the backpack I didn't think I'd be doing weapons. I don't know if the two parts come apart (clips or something)? If not, I'd order them separately, since I mostly don't carry my weapons with me.

The Backpack has two main compartments, one for your dogi, and one for your hakama. I have a heavy, bulky judo-type dogi, and it fits just fine. Since it will be a long time before I am concerned with carrying a hakama around, I use the second compartment for things like a hairbrush, first-aid stuff, protein bars, etc.

There is a flat zippered pouch on the front that's *just* big enough for a few papers (dojo student guide, etc.). You could keep your wallet and phone in there, but nothing bulky.

The back has a zippered pouch that holds the backpack straps. I don't use those (you can keep them totally hidden and out of the way, so it doesn't even look like backpack), but I do stuff things into the pouch with them. That's where I keep my flip-flops (with their associated dust and dirt) and water bottle. It's easy to access, and roomy.

In addition to the straps, there are two handles, one on each side of the rectangular pack, so you can carry it horizontally or vertically.

The weapons bag is very practical. You can keep several jo in the main long part (I had 3 in there for a while, and there was plenty of room for more). There's a separate pouch for your bokken, and another for the tanto. There is no room anywhere for a wallet, phone, weapons repair kit, or anything else. If you plan on carrying this bag separate from the Backpack I'd suggest getting some sort of matching little bag with a clip, and attach it to the weapons bag.

Both come with a sturdy business-card-sized luggage tag, so you can tell yours from everyone else's. The strap has a grippy rubber pad-thing, so it stays on your shoulder, and lets you carry the bag more or less vertically.

If there's anything you want me to measure or check on, give me a shout.

11-12-2009, 09:46 AM
Thank you very much Larry and Linda for the infos that you gave me. Anyway, I decided to get the dogi pack and the class A case.

Linda, I go to San Diego in Chula Vista (Otay Ranch) once in a while. Maybe I can visit your dojo and train with you while I am there.

Thank you very much again to both of you.