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William Muslim
10-19-2009, 12:53 PM
Dear brother and sister aikidoka, due to injuries and damage sustained over a long period of time and not directly related to the practice or study of aikido, this one has been told that he needs to have both knees and possibly one hip replaced. (This one also has a torn rotator cuff in his left shoulder that will hopefully be repaired after the knees...life goes on and this one has always played rather hard...)
It is no longer a question of if this needs to be done but, paraphrasing my sports medicine specialist / orthopedic surgeon, it is only a question of when this one is ready to have it done.
As this one is concerned as to how knee replacements might effect my study and practice of aikido (this was told by the specialist that artificial knees do not usually respond well to the torque of quick turns which may include the usual foot work employed in the practice of aikido...) this one is hoping to gather information regarding first hand experience by and of those aikidoka who may have had a full knee replacement and how the same has effected, either positively and/or negatively, their study of the art of peace.
This has previously had several knee surgeries on each knee and has some experience with the process of rehabilitation for such. This one also understands some aspects of the rehab for the total knee replacement and such does not pose a problem.
The possible difficulty lies in whether or not this one will be able to continue to practice aikido with the artificial knees.
If this one learns that he would not be able to continue study under such conditions, he may opt not to have his knees replaced until such time as he is simply unable to walk and move at all.

Any information that might be offered, shared and given as to this regard will be well received and sincerely appreciated.

namaste, ma'a salaam, shalom, peace.