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09-27-2009, 09:12 AM
This is a real good article on how Aikido is being in the work place. Though probably not in the way most of us would like to use Aikido in the work place. :eek:

I think this article is worth noting. It looks at how Aikido works in and is beneficial to organizations and their employees. The article is titled. Aikido for Change in Organisational Behaviour

In the excerpt below we see the power of Aikido.

"In 1985, executives of the San Francisco-based communications start-up, Cellular One, employed aikido principles to build a complex cellular network in half the time ever attempted before, without sacrificing the health of their families or the spirit of their employees. "

09-27-2009, 01:29 PM
They quoted O'Sensei as saying, “My students think I don’t lose my centre. That is not so; I simply recognize it sooner, and get back faster”.

Has anyone heard this quote before?


Mark Gibbons
09-27-2009, 10:13 PM

Carsten Möllering
09-28-2009, 01:18 AM

I've never heard this quoted in an conversation about O Sensei and never read it in a book up to this day.

So please, can someone give a source, where I can find it?

Thank you,