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09-23-2009, 02:15 PM
-What is the best way to find a teacher? ....specifically what is the best way to find an 'internal strength + internal skills' teacher? By means of reference and a letter of introduction, I am sure...but if you are alone...and unconnected (both bodily and in society). Are the odds best to stay in Aikido? look in DR? in CMA?
Everywhere we read cautions of the fakes put in with the genuine article... Does the average schmoe looking for the IT discussed have a chance?
-I guess you could try what MA you have locally, and hope for the best (most likely what happens); but time is a factor. Is there a best-practices for evaluation of teacher? Is there any practical experience you can share?

Some ideas that I have seen were put forth, such as:
-'Teacher Test'
-Look at his student's development.
-go to a seminar with a renowned IT guy so at least you know the hallmarks of what it is you are looking for

Other than these, and walking around visiting teachers and asking to push on their chests...(is that rude; what is the etiquette for an 'unwashed' visitor, who ostensibly doesn't know, to ask to assess a teacher who, hopefully knows, to show he knows?

How does an ignorant but zealous student prevent himself from being taken for a ride? (dazzled by bs, as it were?).

How long to give the teacher the benefit of a doubt?

How long to give the teacher before they decide if you are worthy of the supersecretShugyo/jibengong? And then, how long to assess their benefits/harm? Patience is one thing, but time is ticking.. How not to waste it?

I guess...that's why they say "Good Luck in your search", eh? Luck is a factor(?). How can I mitigate the luck factor?

Anyway; I would love to elicit stores of the Good, the Bad and the WTF, in the hunt for a teacher. (Please change names to protect the guilty). Any advice or stories are appreciated. Either what to look for, or what to run from.

Hoping to hear some interesting experiences or opinions or advice...

All the Best and Thank you kindly.

09-24-2009, 02:18 PM
no love?

09-24-2009, 02:23 PM
You might want to ask Jun to move the thread to the "Training" Forum. Being in the Open Forum probably isn't the best place for it.

Kevin Leavitt
09-24-2009, 05:07 PM
Hey Josh...I think the best way to do this is to find people whose opinion you trust and get a reference to someone. There are a few good folks on here that most of us would recommend to check out. I think the "list" is well known.

Not sure where you are, but it usually involves time, travel, and some dolla of investment.

The good news is these guys get around, east coast, west coast, central and even international! So you should only in most cases be about a day from someone.

Also maybe find a study group to hook up with that is on the same track.