View Full Version : Koichi Kashiwaya sensei in Houston, October 3rd-4th.

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09-21-2009, 11:52 AM
Posted 2009-09-19 21:41:55 by Jim Matson
News URL: http://www.houstonkiaikido.org

On Saturday October 3, 2009, Houston Ki Aikido is pleased to host Koichi Kashiwaya sensei, (8th dan, Shin Shin Toitsu Do Aikido) for a full day weapons seminar. Kashiwaya sensei will teach aikiken and aikijo in a manner uniquely his, demonstrating the connections between weapons technique and aikido. Please bring your jo and
boken. The seminar fee is $65. For further information, location, hours and to sign
up please visit our website www.houstonkiaikido.org

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