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Marc Abrams
08-30-2009, 07:50 PM
The square is the fundamental shape of Aikido.  The square represents two people in relationship with one another.  We have talked about the importance of the connection in Aikido.  We have looked at how each person assumes the shape of a triangle when a physical connection takes place.  The combination of these two triangles creates the square.
How we manage this relationship is how we manage the angles that are contained in the two triangles, called the square.  This clearly emphasizes the importance of maintaining a good connection between the uke and nage so that we constantly are aware of the dynamic nature of this relationship.  If we become so consumed with how we move and/or how the attacker moves, we cannot simultaneously be focused on the relationship between us and the attacker.  This connection translates into the nature of the angles that we utilize, which translates into the technique that emerges in that particular time and space.
We will spend this week exploring how the connection between the uke and nage creates the square.  Although the square retains it’s shape, the myriad of angles that are contained in this shape will emerge, evolve and  transform throughout the attack and our response.  The interesting part will be how we end up viewing a class of techniques as kata.   Then again, that is a whole other story and blog….
Marc Abrams Sensei

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