View Full Version : Aikido Painting for Sale - "Blending of Opposites"

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08-22-2009, 03:41 PM
My painting, "Blending of Opposites," is on the AIkido Journal website. I am selling premium quality Giclee prints of the following photograph: www.publishedauthors.net/sands/bio.html. They are stretched and wrapped canvas prints over a wooden internal frame. The dimensions are 20 x 24" with a 3/4" frame width. The edges of the print actually wrap around the sides of the frame for an aesthetically pleasing effect. No expensive frame is needed, just a pair of wire nails. A print costs $100 US, with domestic shipping included. For a buyer outside the States, I will do some research if you intend to buy one. I would have to charge more for foreign shipping, primarily due to the size of the product. I will title and sign the back of each canvas.

Interested potential buyers, please private message me here on Aikiweb with questions and/or to finalize a sale.

Drew Gardner