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08-17-2009, 11:56 PM

My name's Russ. I just signed up for Aikiweb, so I am by all means a newby (be gentle) :).

About me:

I really don't like to talk about myself (haha..or so I say) but here it goes:

I've been studying the martial arts since 1985. I moved to Japan in 2001 (Nagoya) and have been living here ever since. I have a family with 3 kids. I work as an English teacher and I train as much as my wife and kids will let me.
I've never really trained in Aikido per say, but I have been around the "fringes" of it for a long time. The martial arts that I do study are Koryu Bujutsu oriented, so I think there are some connections here and there.
Which ones you say?
-Shinto Muso Ryu jo
-Kukishinden Tenshin Hyoho
-Tenshin Koryu Kempo
are my main focus right now.

Anyway, thanks for having me and taking the time to read this!



08-18-2009, 12:04 AM
-Shinto Muso Ryu jo
-Kukishinden Tenshin Hyoho
-Tenshin Koryu Kempo
are my main focus right now.

Wow Russ. Looks like fun stuffs!:cool:

08-18-2009, 01:18 AM

08-18-2009, 10:37 AM
Hi Russ,

Welcome to AikiWeb and thank you for your introduction.

-- Jun

08-18-2009, 10:52 AM
Thanks! Glad to be here!

Ron Tisdale
08-18-2009, 02:20 PM
Hey Russ, good to see you here. Please post some of those wonderfull clips you find!