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03-22-2002, 02:33 PM
I used to go religously three maybe four times a week, two hours each class. I got a cold that lasted about two weeks and now I only go to class about twice a week at most. I kinda feel bad about not training but I can't bring myself to attend as much as I once did. The two week hiatus was good in that it revived my interest in Aikido. Before I came down with the cold, I was starting to get bored with it. The moves that we were being taught just seemed bogus to me. But anyway, my question to the sempai is: what's the greatest amount of time you allow yourself to go without training before you resume?

03-22-2002, 03:21 PM
Two weeks really isn't that long. I've known of people to be away for months because of injuries or other commitments. My longest hiatus has been about 8 weeks, that was during finals and Christmas break. I have taken shorter breaks when I'm sick or injured. Sometimes you just have to take care of yourself. There is nothing wrong with that. I'd rather see someone gone for a week a two getting over a cold than pushing themselves and ending up with pneumonia and then really being gone for long time.

Don't feel bad about going twice a week. There is nothing wrong with pacing yourself out. Even after two years of aikido, I have seen many enthusiastic newbies (don't know if you are) come to every class then they disappear and don't return for a real long time or they are never seen again.

It seems they are so excited they burn themselves out, and get frustrated because they are not learning quickly enough. Aikido takes time to learn, and understand. As a beginner tenkan and ikkyo exercise seem silly and useless, but as time progesses one discovers how fundamental they are to over all effectiveness.

Anne Marie

03-22-2002, 05:10 PM
I'm not sempai, but I'll answer anyway.:p My dojo is located on a college campus, so we are always having weeks off and such. Not that we wouldn't love to come in and train, but all the doors are locked, although, I suppose we could line up outside the school and look at each other for an hour and a half. (We just had last week off for spring break.) Between semesters, my sensei was able to talk the school into letting us train for a little while, but was unable to get liability insurance, and this resulted in a two month hiatus, which was torturous for me :(. Even though I hate all the little breaks, I think that they do keep my interest in training peaked, because I don't take it for granted so much. I know what it's like to really miss it. I was one of those really enthusiastic newbies that Anne Marie described, and, strangely enough, my enthusiasm hasn't wavered a bit.

Greg Jennings
03-22-2002, 09:52 PM
Originally posted by jaxonbrown
But anyway, my question to the sempai is: what's the greatest amount of time you allow yourself to go without training before you resume?

The longest time that I will willingly not train is from the end of Saturday 7:00 am weapons class to the start of Monday night open class. I.e., the first chance I have to train.

I sometimes go to bed late on Friday night after staying up late watching a movie with my wife and think "Only 7 hours till aikido class".

Sensei made me sit out a week once when I had pneumonia. Almost killed me. My wife asked Sensei to never do it to me again; I was unbearable.

When I had a large (golf ball-size) lipoma removed from my back, I had them do it under local so I could uke for Sensei at a seminar the next day.

Having an obsessive personality has its strong points....

Best Regards,

03-22-2002, 10:10 PM
Hello Jaxon

The longest I have been without formal classes is about a month because of work commitments. Working close to 12 hour days for 7 days a week was really draining. Thing is I never stopped thinking about and practicing aikido every minute I could get away from work. Just doing basic movements and "shadow boxing" techniques with imaginary partners kinda kept me sane.

Yeah like Greg, I was somewhat touchy during those periods. Now I make sure I'm a lot more organised so that I can make regular training and not volunteering for too much work :)

Barring training injuries, I try not to go without training regularly (at least twice a week) for more than a week. I rusty really easily...must be all the iron in my blood ;) :p

All the best in your training