View Full Version : Windsong Dojo (OKC) Budo Playday on Sept 4-5-6, 2009

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Nick Lowry
07-11-2009, 06:50 AM
All are invited to the Labor Day Weekend Windsong Dojo Budo Playday on Sept 4-5-6, 2009 where we have open minds on a open mat and all the Aikido, Judo and Jyodo you might want in a weekend -- all ranks and affilations are welcome!

(note that this is not clinic -- not a big "teachy preachy" deal -- we are here to Play and have a good time; share, grow, and get to know each other better -- there is no fee, but if you'd like to chip in small a mat fee, I would apprecaite it )
If you are commin in from out of town and wanna crash on the mat -- thats cool too--

Friday night mostly Judo from 6:00 til folks have had enough
Saturday morning and afternoon mostly Aikido from 10:00 AM and 2 PM respectively
probably have some sort of eats Satuday night
Sunday mostly Jyodo 10:00 AM til we all get tuckered out

Feel free to Spread the word to all and sundry who might like to come
if you have questions write me back or call me at (405) 943-6246 or check us out online at www.windsongdojo.com

peace -- nick