View Full Version : Help with placing an order from Japan: motorcycle part(s)

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Nick P.
07-10-2009, 08:36 AM
I have a request I am hoping someone on this site can help me with, either who lives in Japan currently or can navigate this seller's website.

I need to order two of these these > http://www.goobikeparts.com/g2701058205/

I would of course pay you in advance (PayPal, wire transfer, whatever you prefer), and would need to ask you to then ship me the order after it arrives, or if possible/preferable for you, ship it directly to me here in Canada.

I am aware that shipping from Japan oversees can be quite hefty, so a balance between cost and speed would need to be discussed, I think.

I have tried using their online page combined with Google translator to navigate my way through asking them directly, via their online form with no luck (inquiry form seems to be down) and am unable to locate a telephone number, which I would have called hoping someone there spoke English (or French! hey, you never know).

Why from this supplier and not another? Turns out my Kawasaki Ninja ZZR250 was available here, in Japan, Australia and Malaysia. Canadian retailers and distributors never brought in much in the way of accessories for this model. This product is the best found so far, and I have been searching for over a year.

If you can help it would be most appreciated.

Thanks for contacting me directly by PM (select my name on the left, above my avatar), or here on this thread, and thanks in advance with any help you can offer!

Nick P.
07-21-2009, 09:18 AM
Hello again,

Unfortunately no takers so far.
No one can help me out? Pretty please?