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08-04-2000, 12:56 PM
Good Afternoon;

I am looking for some assistance.

In our Dojo we occasionally do something that I've always known as "Ki Breathing".

As a practice, we all sit in sieza, eyes closed facing front. The "leader" claps his/her hands and we inhale until the leader claps again. At this point we exhale until another clap. This cycle continues until the predetermined amount of time has elapsed. On the last exhale, the leader claps aproximately every second until the end (that is how we signal the last cycle).

While there is more to it mentally, that is the process. I found that after one of these sessions, my practice was much more productive and efficient. I was more relaxed and enjoyed myself more.

Because I travel a lot, my practice schedule is pretty disjointed. I wanted a way to do this practice by myself. Because I am a Palm Pilot user I had an idea...

I have written an application I call (perhaps incorrectly) PocketZendo. It runs on a Palm and should run on a WinCE device (two separate applications). It takes the place of the "leader" by creating a tone at regular intervals for a given amount of time. However, nobody else in my Dojo has a Palm or WinCE device and I would like some other folks to try it out and see if it is helpful and/or how it might be improved. I would like to have between 10 and 20 testers.

If anyone is interested in helping me Beta Test this application, could you please EMAIL me at


As a tester, if the program does become "marketable" you would obtain a free copy and updates (in addition to credit in the software documentation).

Thank you

Scott Koon