View Full Version : aikido in Germany?

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03-18-2002, 01:47 AM
Hey Everybody,

I have a friend stationed at Ramstein AFB in Germany who is having trouble finding an aikido dojo near him. I can find a huge list if I do a country wide dojo search but my knowledge of German geography is non-exisitant. Does anyone here know of one that's close to the AFB.


03-18-2002, 02:26 AM
Hi Bronson,

a few hints for finding a dojo in Germany besides aikiweb's search engine.

A good address (though in German) is www.aikido.de with links to many dojos and all organizations' websites, who also maintain their own dojo directories.

On Maps for Germany:
www.yahoo.de -> fin the link to "Routenplaner"
and type in your City or Zip code under "Stadt", then it works like any other.

Those two I found with no effort on the web, others may be there also:
Kaiserslautern (10 miles)-
Saarbruecken (35 miles)-

Good luck!