View Full Version : What Edition is this version of Draeger's Vol 3 Book?

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06-07-2009, 11:06 AM
Donn Draeger
The Martial Arts and Ways of Japan: Volume III
It has a spiral type binding. I think the correct term is comb binding. It has a stamp inside noting it was once a college library book.
ISBN: 0834800993
LCC Card No.: 74-76779

The inside page states
First Edition 1974
Published by John Weatherhill, Inc.

When I search, I find hardcover editions, but nothing mentioning comb bindings. Plus, that ISBN covers at least a 2nd printing book from 1979. And I find mention of Dustjackets.

My question. Was there ever a version that had a comb type binding? Or did someone, at some point, convert a hardcover into what I have now?