View Full Version : Wrist locks & kids

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Eva Antonia
04-30-2009, 03:28 AM
Dear all,

I just want to ask for advice and not mix with the parallel thread on wrist locks and dancing, which I have read attentively.
May I ask some more information on
- which wrist locks are most dangerous
- to which extent may they be applied
- and when may you start to use them (at which age)?

Where my kids train, in Belgium and in Turkey, the curriculum isn't so much different for children and adults, and kote gaeshi, nikyo and sankyo are part of the 5th kyu exam. So my big son (10 years) does wirst locks since nearly 3 years, and the little ones (6 years) since one year. They train once or twice a week, and they are certainly NOT applying wrist locks violently all the time, but they do them during warming-up, and they also do them during training. Their training is more play-oriented, and they take breaks and work more on ukemi than the adults, but still they do all the basic techniques we also do.

I would feel awkward as a 4th kyu going to our teachers telling them they should change their training methods for children, but if it is really dangerous, even to the extent we are doing it, I'd still like to discuss this preoccupation with them.

Could any of you give a reference concerning a study or an advice, or maybe a guideline of training in Japan or whatever convincing document related to wristlock damages and kids?

Thanks a lot in advance,


04-30-2009, 07:54 AM
Back when I first started, Nikkyo was overapplied & devastated my wrist...still feels funky from time to time. (Harder to know how much pressure to use when first learning this...)