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03-03-2002, 07:59 AM
I just thought it wouldn't be fair to keep this book to myself. In addition to Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere I feel that slightly more advanced students would benefit from this book called Aikido: The Way Of Harmony by John Stevens under the direction of Shirata Rinjiro(O sensei's star students).

There are pretty good explanations of the kokyu breath meditation and has good illustrations of principles being outlined by sword technique and then followed by the body technique application.

I also like the emphasis on the basic techniques and its structure of shiho nage, irimi nage, kaiten and kokyu ho waza techniques accompanied by pretty good photos of Shirata and decent explanations.

I find that the visualizations suggested do add another dimension to training. There are a lot more gems in it and if anybody is interested in learning Aikido in its almost original form would benefit from this book.