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Ron Tisdale
03-18-2009, 08:13 AM
Last night was the first night training since october. Loads of fun, especially this morning! :D I'm going to try to train again tonight, if I am able to stand up at the end of the day! :D

Saw an interesting show when I got home, "What Would You Do?", and it had a section where they had three punks beating up on an Hispanic male. Of the people who intervened, it was very interesting how they had similar attitudes and bearing.

One guy was obviously a body builder. He walked straight into the midst of the punks, arms out from his body, palms down, back straight, and said in no uncertain terms, "stop this". He didn't back down, kept the 3 punks in sight at pretty much all times, was calm, no cursing. He got between the punks and their target, and made them stop without any physical contact. Now, he was huge...and I think no one would doubt he would get physical if he had to.

The woman who intervened had similar body posture, but was TINY. But she also was calm, assertive, declaritive, put herself between the target and the attackers. No one would find her physically imposing...but she carried herself in much the same way.

Now...the punks were just actors, as was the victim. But I thought the methods used above were fantastic examples of calm demeanor under stress, as well as verbal and non-verbal communication in a threatening situation. The thing that both people impressed me with was that they were VERY relaxed, and not particularly excited.

I also found it strange that when a group of about 5 young guys witnessed the attack, they did nothing.


03-18-2009, 02:46 PM
Hey, Ron.

They showed us a film in Sociology class way back when.

Under pretext of survey, put an individual in a room. Blew smoke under the door. Individuals got up and reported it.

Put groups in the room. Blew smoke. People looked at each other and continued writing.

And they call us induhviduals!

Ron Tisdale
03-18-2009, 03:25 PM

That happend almost exactly in the next segment...except they had a bunch of people together for an infomercial, and one of them had their hair fall out from the product.

What would you bet they did the informercial anyway!?!?!?

Yikes....humans! :(