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antonis paps
02-12-2009, 08:50 PM
Ok First of all, this is not one of "those" threads
so please do not make it one. ;)

Ok, feel free to say your aikido experiences out of the dojo,
funny, serious, lousy... just anything.
An encounter with your wife..or an encounter with 10 hardcore ninja doent matter, just toss it out.
Lets exchange aikido moments. :)

Ok I begin,

The funny,
Once I fell from the chair coz it broke, and I did a reflective breakfall which was quite painful I must say.

The serious,
I did fell from my bike , when a car almost hit me and did an ukemi-like move to crash on the side of road. Didn't avoid the pain.
Don't know if that saved me or not. That was not reflection though I had a second or so. One thing I noticed though, if you ride a bike
you have to know how to ukemi from the sides. Excuse my lack of proper terminology, I am not very good at that. I hope you get what I mean.

The lousy,
Ok and once I got "attacked " by two friends at the beach,
thank god they didn't use oil that day :), which belong in the category gym-guys. So they learned that I do some martial art,
and they came for me. Guys being kids.Oh I must say these guys have no Idea of any martial art whatsoever.
Ok to sum up...their clever attack?
One of them came with power and crabbed my left hand, and the other my right hand with both hands. hahaha
I still remember and laugh. If they just knew :D .
So i did put every drop of my samurai spirit into a very clumsy-lousy double - shihonage, but since ,
I did lack the skill and the sword to finish them,
I ended as well on the top of the pile. haha :hypno:
My gym friends were quite impressed though,
and consider aikido to be a superhuman-martial art now.

Well, these are my stories,
I hope I haven't bored you people to death hehe :hypno: ,
excuse my english by the way,
Now keep those stories coming
Think of it as confessions, haha I like this one,
Aikido Confessions.


Antonis Paps.