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02-22-2002, 11:22 AM
Hi All,

I'll be going on a business trip to Europe for 2 weeks, including stops in Basel (Switzerland), Paris and Mulhouse (France).

Since it's unthinkable for me to spend this long without practice, I would appreciate any dojo recommendations from the forum members. I know I can use the dojo search option, which I'm gonna do anyway, but there are so many dojos (non in Mulhouse though :( ) out there, and it's quite confusing.

My style is Aikikai but I don't mind trying something new.

Thanks in advance.


02-22-2002, 02:48 PM
Now we've got you - Bawhahahahahahaha


I always thought there was a club in Basel - possibly there is - please ask.

Jim ashby
02-22-2002, 03:32 PM
Hi Edward,
I'm trying to find a club in Mulhouse also. I'm waiting for a reply from my hosts there, as soon as I know I'll email you. BTW are you going to Peugeot? If you are don't go to Vesoul, just got back from there and it's really dead.
Have fun.

02-23-2002, 12:24 PM
Peter: Thanks for the link. I will ask.

Jim: Thanks, please let me know the answer. I'm not going to Peugeot. I'll be staying in Mulhouse for 8 days, so it would be great to find a dojo since I have plenty of time.


02-23-2002, 07:53 PM
Originally posted by Edward

I'll be going on a business trip to Europe for 2 weeks, including stops in Basel (Switzerland), Paris and Mulhouse (France).

If you are or can get anywhere near Freiburg, Germany (far southeast corner of Germany near both France and Switzerland), contact Andy Wilby. He's a personal friend and a damn fine aikidoka.

I've trained with him at the club in Freiburg and he recently came to the States for my wedding and a seminar we held. We conned him into teaching a session at the sem and it was simply smashing.

Andy is a Yorkshireman who's been in Germany over a decade. Lovely man, great voice (he sang while he did dishes, imagine, Elvis in yorkshire accent!), great aikido.

He's a long-time student of the late Noquet, and currently affiliated, IIRC, with Emmerson.

His e-mail is: andrew.wilby@quintiles.com