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10-16-2008, 01:21 PM
Posted 2008-10-09 14:20:12 by Nathan Scott
News URL: http://www.seishin-tanrenkai.org

Joe Thambu Sensei, Yoshinkan Aikido 7th dan, will be visiting the Western Region of the US from Australia for a two-day seminar in Los Angeles, California, on November 8th and 9th (Sat & Sun), 2008.

Thambu Sensei began training in Aikido at eleven years old, and was later awarded his 5th dan from Yoshinkan Aikido founder Shioda Gozo directly. He has also had the opportunity to train with renowned instructors such as Shinkendo Founder Obata Toshishiro Kaiso, Nariyama Tetsuro Shihan, and the late Donn Draeger.

Thambu Sensei is known for his smooth but effective techniques. The training will consist of two 8 hour days of training, with the last half of the second day (Sunday) including his "Restraining & Removal" seminar designed for professionals.

We will only be hosting him on the West Coast for this two day seminar, so those interested are strongly encouraged to pre-register (sorry for the late notice). The seminar will also be attended by several higher ranked Aikido instructors as well. As such, we are looking more towards quality of instruction rather as opposed to large number of participants. This event will sell out, so please get back to us ASAP.

An announcement flyer and registration form can be downloaded (.pdf) from the following web site:

More information on Joe Thambu Sensei can be found on his web site:


Hope to see you there!

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