View Full Version : Aikido Shugyo and Timing

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09-02-2008, 05:24 PM
Read Aikido Shugyo by Shioda. It's an interesting book. But I find that certain translated words seemed to not flow with the subject matter very well. That isn't meant to demean the translators. I have no doubt that they did the best they could with the text. More so than I could right now, being as how I'm still struggling with the Japanese language.

However, Shioda makes use of the word "timing" through the book. And then I read an interview with Tokimune in Aiki News 87 that seemed to tie together certain ideas.

Aiki News: When you say "timing" do you mean to attempt to control your opponent's ki?
Takeda Sensei: That's right.

So, now I'm wondering if some of the words in Aikido Shugyo won't change or even become clearer if given new definitions. Instead of "timing" as being about when an attack is made, it's more about controlling the opponent's ki, what change does that create in the content of the book?

The other word that I thought could be changed was "feeling". I think "intent" might work better in places.

If anyone rereads Aikido Shuygo, I wonder how you would find the meanings if you substituted the above word definitions? Just a thought ...