View Full Version : Geoff Flather Sensei, 7th Dan in Devon, UK, 28th Sept 2008

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08-22-2008, 09:38 AM
Posted 2008-08-18 06:23:04 by Mike Haft
News URL: http://www.banyuhattenaikido.co.uk

Geoff Flather Sensei, 7th Dan will be teaching a seminar at Holcombe in Devon on 28th September. The first 3 hours (from 10am-1pm) will be aimed at anyone wishing to attend, with the second half of the day (starting 2pm) aimed at yudansha. Course is open to all please bring proof of insurance, if wishing to attend please contact Shaun West holcombe@banyuhattenaikido.co.uk

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