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Michael Kessler
08-21-2008, 12:08 PM

My name is Mike and this is my first time logging onto a forum, so be patient with me. I have been a fan of martial arts for a long time, I saw the original Bruce Lee movies in the movie theater when they were first released. I have read alot of articles and seen videos of different martial art styles on the internet, but I was most impressed with Aikido and the philosophy behind it. Plus, from what I can gather there are not a lot of kicks, jumping or otherwise involved in Aikido and that is probably best for me at this time in my life. I am starting classes in Aikido after Labor Day and am looking forward to it. Hopefully, it will be good for me both physically and mentally. If there is anyone out there that can give me some pointers and their feelings on Aikido from where they started to now I would greatly appreciate it.

08-21-2008, 12:11 PM
Hi Michael,

Welcome to AikiWeb. I hope your first aikido classes go well.

-- Jun

Larry Cuvin
08-21-2008, 12:47 PM
Welcome to Aikiweb Michael. When you go to your first aikido class, come with an open mind, be patient with yourself, dont worry too much about getting all the Japanese terminologies. Most of all. relax and have some fun.