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01-30-2002, 08:28 AM

Some friends and I were talking about Japanese language and found that Star Trek - The Next Generation is simply translated as shin sutaru tureku, new Star Trek.

So we're now wondering if there is such a concept as "The Next Generation" in Japanese and what the translation (and the kanji) would be. As Japan is known to be a very traditional Culture, is there any positive association with a group of people claiming to be 'a new generation'?

Is there a word or phrase for a "Next Generation" that indicates at the same time to be 'new' but also within the tradition?

I hope you can understand what concept I am in search of. :-)

And finally, assuming that the term I am in search of would be something like ko shin, would then ko shin kai be an appropriate name for a group of young people that are well aware of the tradition they carry on but want to further evolve it and have ideas how to do that?

Hopefully waiting