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Steve Dainard
07-29-2008, 10:06 AM
Dear AikiWeb,

May I share with you some information that I believe is very worthwhile? There is an upcoming Aikido event that is very dear to me.

This August 15-17, Jason House–sensei of Matsuba Dojo will host Reverend Koichi Barrish at Kings Beach, California at North Lake Tahoe. Barrish Sensei is the Chief Priest of Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America (the US Branch of one of Japan’s oldest and most prestigious shrines) located in Granite Falls, Washington. (www.TsubakiShrine.org) A long time Aikidoist, he was the first non-Japanese to be awarded the Jinja Shinto priest license. He shares a special insight into the relationship of Aikido and Shinto practices. The basic concepts of Aikido are examined with an emphasis of this simple equation:


Relying on insights gleaned from 38 years in Budo and the special training received as the Shinto Priest, Barrish-sensei has gained an understanding of the rising and falling of KI and what that means to creating the “Aiki moment” in each of our techniques. This training is pristine, as is the setting………………

This Fifth Annual Kings Beach seminar is hosted by Jason House-sensei, of Matsuba Dojo. (Telephone: 530-546-9388) The seminar will be held at the elementary school located at 8125 Steelhead Avenue. The cost for the three day seminar is $75.00. All styles and affiliations are invited to participate and explore the dynamic connection between Aikido and Misogi.

Participants at past seminars have experienced great Aikido training in a very beautiful location! Please join us this August! For more information, please call Jason House at 530-546-9388 or matsubadojo@ yahoo.com.
Thank you so much—I hope to see you there!

Steven Dainard/ Kannagara Tsubaki Ko, N. Ca. Shibu-cho

Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America is the traditional Jinja Shinto Shrine located on a pristine 25 acre site less than one hour from Seattle. Tsubaki America Shrine is the branch of Ise-no-kuni Ichi-no-Miya, Sarutahiko Daihonguu, Tsubaki O Kami Yashiro (Tsubaki Grand Shrine) one of the oldest and most prestigious shrines in Japan with a history of over 2000 years. Sarutahiko-no-OKami is the guardian kami of Aikido. The Founder of Aikido, Ueshiba Morihei O’Sensei, made many visits to the parent shrine (Tsubaki O Kami Yashiro) in Japan. Please contact the JInja for more information. The e–mail is Kannushi@TsubakiShrine.org and the telephone number is 360-691-6389.