View Full Version : Jenny's Law: When Life Insurance Isn’t Any Insurance At All

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07-21-2008, 06:34 PM


Lorien Lowe
07-21-2008, 09:48 PM
Occurances like this, and like others illustrated in "Sicko," make me very unhappy that the only 'universal healthcare' plan that is seen to be politically viable is one of requiring everyone to have health insurance through some HMO or other agency, along the lines of current car insurance plans.

All that will do is increase the profits of the insurance companies. We need single-payer.

07-22-2008, 09:18 PM
email I just got today:

Hello everyone,

This afternoon Jenny's Law passed in the Senate! This is great news, but we're not home yet. The bill must still pass in the House where it faces increased opposition from lobbyists by July 31st or otherwise we will need to go through this entire legislative process again next fiscal year. I know in my previous email that I asked you to contact your your local representative, Representative Ron Mariano, and Speak of the House Sal DiMase. However, Senator Spilka, the sponsor of the bill, is urging everyone to please place a phone call to these people as soon as possible due to the time constraints. Below are their contact numbers. Thank you so much for your continued support. We are almost there!

You may find your local Representative at www.wheredoivotema.com/bal/myelectioninfo.php

Representative Ron Mariano
State House
Room 254
Boston, MA 02133
Telephone: 17-722-2220
Fax: 617-722-2821

Speaker of the House Speak Sal DiMasi
State House
Room 356
State House
Boston, MA 02133
Telephone: 617-722-2500
Fax: 617-722-2008
E-Mail: Rep.SalvatoreDiMasi@hou.state.ma.us

Thank you,

John and Kaitlyn