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07-11-2008, 03:21 PM
Well, next week marks the second Aikido seminar to be held in our small little city here in Hungary. :)

From what I gather it is a 4 day seminar starting Thursday afternoon and ending Sunday morning. (12 lessons in the 4 days.)

If my guess is right, Sensei Imre Marton will be there again this year as one of the guest instructors.

Last year was pretty good and intense - and hot.
Got up to 40 celcius...pretty hot when your in a gi and no air conditioning. Hopefully this year will be a bit cooler. :)

Not sure who in Hungary on this board is going, but if you are - Ill see you there. (Should be taking my test sometime next week.)



07-17-2008, 01:42 PM
First day of the seminar here - man am I out of shape and exhausted.
4 hours. Last half we practiced with the bokken and I couldnt concentrate...(should have brought water, was getting dehydrated.) :)

Tomorrow is going to be a long 8 hours from the look of it...and then we test on Saturday. Hoping the test goes alright. :)

One thing, I need to do more to get in shape...amazing how easy it is to not notice how much out of shape you are. Something that skateboarding everyday across the city could remedy. ;)

Now off to get rest so I can wake up early enough. :)



07-18-2008, 06:24 AM
My little seminar journal - ;)

Turns out that I couldnt go this morning as last night my knee did something interesting. (like a pin sticking in it when i stood.)

Same this morning when I woke up, so I have been 'working on it' therapeutically...most of the sharp pain is gone, but I think this afternoon (since I missed this morning) I will watch to see what sensei is teaching to see what I can pick up on.

Still want to test tomorrow.
I think my knee would be good enough for a test, but not for the normal practice because the different folks are kind of rough and with my knee that is an injury waiting to re-happen. :)

Anyway...Im sure I will update tomorrow to say if I was able to do the test or not.



07-19-2008, 01:24 PM
Well, to update this 'blog' post on this years seminar...
I was able to test, (mentioned above would have to see how it would go because of my knee...knee is healing nicely by the way), and I passed my test.

(Of course you all know this as I posted my 'whoot' thread already in testing.

Anyway this post brings to close the updates on this years seminar. ;)
We have one class tomorrow (jo) and thats it.

Typically the seminars here focus on Aikido, Aiki Jo, Bokken, and Tanto. (Hopefully I spelled it all right.)

However, the one thing I did notice is that we dont do much practice throughout the year on weapons...so last years great seminar is kind of 'lost'.

I think it really boils down to time.
We have two lessons a week.

Seems that the best way to retain seminar info is the following:
- One lesson for weapons a week
- 2 minimum lessons for regular Aikido practice
- One specifically for 3kyu and above.