View Full Version : Westwind Center Grand Opening, July 19th, Maple Park IL

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07-07-2008, 02:13 PM
Posted 2008-07-07 13:09:43 by Michael R Hopkins
News URL: http://www.westwindaikidocenter.com

It is truly a great pleasure to announce that the Westwind Center for Aikido and Traditional Japanese Weaponry will celebrate its grand opening on July 19th, 2008, and to invite all interested friends and aikidoka to celebrate the opening ceremony in beautiful, rural Maple Park, IL, in Kane County. This dojo is the culmination of a dream to create a retreat center available to all practitioners of aikido, regardless of affiliation or style, and to share traditional Japanese weapons styles with those who are interested. It is a space intended to break down barriers, and to foster friendship through shared training and camaraderie, especially in seminars and intensive workshops.

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07-21-2008, 03:33 PM
I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate Russ Bodner on the opening of his beautiful dojo.

I had a great time at the opening seminar and believe all the other participants did as well.

I hope the aikido community supports Dr. Bodner in his goal of bringing aikidoists together :)