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07-01-2008, 04:42 PM
I was doing some closet cleaning the other day, and unearthed my aikido gear. Since I stopped practicing back in 1995 or so (started freaking out when being grabbed by sweaty strangers...go figure), I'm pretty sure I'm done for good. So, for sale:

Bujin Design do-gi bag, blue, $30
Bujin Design weapons bag (w/exterior pocket for tanto), blue, $30
Bujin Design hakama, navy, size 46, $40
Bujin Design shinai, black suede cover, $30
Bujin Design tanto, black suede cover, $10
Bujin Design bokken, Jigenryu style, $35
judo gi (not sure of size, I think 5...I'm male, 6' 2" if that helps), $10

(I'll throw two sub-par jos in with the weapons bag...a slightly warped white oak jo [good for hitting people around corners :) ], and a lovely Bujin jo that developed a split. I taped it and used it for solo work, since I loved the feel of it and been beating on felloow students for several years with it.)

Please reply to jkenyon@indra.com. This is local to buyers in Boulder, CO, since we can just get together and do the sales in person.