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06-26-2008, 03:07 PM
This could probably go in the "seminars" section but I thought I'd play it safe and dump it here.

I worked out an agreement with Seattle School of Aikido (http://www.seattleschoolofaikido.org/default.aspx?) to teach class on Thursday nights (6-7pm) starting in July. It's kind of an experiment for both of us to see if there's sufficient interest. I'm already over there teaching Iai on Thursday nights so getting there a bit early is pretty easy. Drop-ins and visitors are welcome, $10 mat fee. Please feel free to stop by and say, "Hi" if you're in the area. Here's how I summed up my vision for the thing:

"Budo Kihon- A look at the fundamental building blocks of Japanese budo as a skillset in and of themselves. Specifically this involves learning how to coordinate and support the body as a functional whole followed by a study of some of the physical principles which come together to make the "ju" of judo/jujutsu and "aiki" of Aikido (at higher levels) possible. It's my hope that this class will be equally beneficial for anyone from first day beginner to yudansha."

It's my plan for class to be about 50/50 basic movement exercises (from the Aunkai) and principle based jujutsu/aikibudo stuff (TNBBC/Icho-Ryu). If you stop by, please bring a t-shirt in addition to your gi, the Aunkai stuff is miserable to do in full on samurai garb... :)

Howard Popkin
06-27-2008, 12:31 AM
Best of luck with those classes. I'm sure it will go well.

Nice video :)

Hope to see you !