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Irem Bray
06-12-2008, 05:07 PM
I used to be interested in Martial Arts for many years and practiced whenever life allowed whatever form of it presented itself at the time. So far I practiced KungFu and TaeKwondDo for 5 years in UK and had to have a 7 long years break when I had to focus on my career as a family therapist in Turkey.

My journey into Aikido started when the sensei agreed to teach Aikido to the village kids. I asked him if he would because I believe we are all interconnected as parts of a larger whole. As a family therapist and a mother I could see all the defects of the community reflected on the kids. My heart went for them and I was determined to get the project off the ground. I knew we would be like a family after a while and become one of their resources. A year passed. I bow to our sensei's dedication: He traveled 1h twice a week without any payment to teach the kids.

I was the novice as well as the assistant.

I ideally would like Aikido to be a contagion between kids. Parents are not aware of anything. And to be honest they don't seem to care very much. Children are often in the streets during the summer months messing about open to all sorts of bad influences, whilst parents focus on earning money via tourism.

Any ideas to make all the village kids do Aikido?:)

06-12-2008, 09:38 PM
Hi Irem,

Thank you for your introduction and welcome to AikiWeb.

You may want to re-ask your question in a different forum outside of the Introductions one so as to increase its visibility.


-- Jun

Irem Bray
06-14-2008, 09:46 PM
Thanks Jun. I will do that.