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Albert Stevense
06-12-2008, 08:53 AM
Dear Aikidoka's from all over the world,

First i want to tell you all, how happy i am to have found this AIKIWEB.
I want to give a short introduction of myself. I am from the Netherlands ( so forgive my english is al little bit poor), started with Aikido in 1980 and train under Shihan Tamura and Sugano untill 2000, from that time i am switched to train under the French Shihan Christian Tissier. The last few years i have been in Japan at the Hombu dojo to train under Doshu, and at Iwama with Isoyama Shihan. I am a fan of Shihan Seagal, and go to a seminar this weekend given by Larry Reynosa. From 1995 i have started my first dojo, and have now 5 dojo's with about 100 students. I am a member of the blackbelt exam commity at the Dutch Aikikai Foundation in Amsterdam. I run my own Bookshop (Franchise), and live in Breda (between Amsterdam and Antwerp, Belgium)
Thank you for reading, and maybe we meet sometime,
best regards Albert Stevense
Kyorakukan Aikido Dojo
The Netherlands
CC; 3 Dan Aikikai Aikido
Self defence teacher (Law Enforcement)

tanimu muazu
09-26-2011, 01:31 PM
albert s. i love your determination and courage,please keep the flag flying and more grease to your elbow.i wish you great success in all your undertakings